Wimbledon 2020 - Tickets

Wimbledon Tickets to the Wimbledon Championships are extremely difficult to get hold of as demand far exceeds supply every year. Below you will find all possible methods of obtaining tickets.

Wimbledon Public Ballot

The Wimbledon public ballot is free to enter. Due to demand your chances of obtaining tickets via this method are slim to none. In reality, you may get lucky once every 4-5 years on average.

UK residents need to send a self-addressed and stamped envelope (DL size: 110mm x 220mm or 4 1/4 " x 8 5/8") so an application form can be sent to you - only one per household. Multiple aplications from the same household will result in you being disqualified from the ballot. Then send itto this address:

    Ticket Office
    P.O. Box 98
    London SW19 5AE

Once you have received your application form, complete it and ensure the AELTC receive it no later than 31st December - postmark must be no later than 15th December.

Ballot draws are held from January until a week before the tournament begins in June. As declined and returned tickets are re-balloted, it is possible that you may be offered tickets at a later stage.

Successful applicants will be notified at any time from February until June. Face value tickets prices apply, and payment is required by credit or debit card online or by cheque. Tickets are dispatched from May until June.


Hundreds of returned and reserved tickets for Centre Court (all 13 days of the tournament) and No.3 Court (first 7 days only) are available via They sell very fast, so be quick!

Returned (by the publlic) Centre Court and No3. Court tickets are offered for sale at noon 48hrs before the day of play i.e tickets for the first Monday will be available on Saturday at noon. The earlier you book the better the seats you will be automatically allocated. Tickets must then be collected from the Ticket Office at Gate 4 from 9.30am.

Reserved (new release) Centre Court and No3. Court tickets are offered for sale at 9am for play the following day i.e. tickets for the first Monday will be available on Sunday at 9am. You will automatically be allocated seats during the booking process. Tickets will be printed upon arrival. You will need to access the grounds via Gate 7 from 9.45am.

Important! In both instances, must bring with you:

  • Ticketmaster order confirmation email
  • Credit/Debit card use to purchase the tickets
  • Photo ID i.e. passport/driving licence

Queue on the Day

The queue starts within Wimbledon Park (off Wimbledon Park Road) and zig-zags up and down the park - see our Wimbledon Street Map.

There are very limited numbers of Show Court tickets available (Centre Court, No.1, and No.2) so you need to queue very early to have any chance of securing one of these. Thousands of Ground Passes are also available but once these have sold there is a one-in one-out policy, so the earlier you get in the queue the better.

If you plan to join the queue in the evening/after work then you will usually get in within 1-2 hours. It's a great way to catch some live action on the outside courts or to watch a Show Court match on the big screen from Henman Hill while having a picnic with friends. Ground Passes are cheaper after 5pm too!

Queue Overnight/Camping

If you have been unable to secure a Show Court ticket in advance, this option gives you the best chance of obtaining one. See our full guide to Queuing Overnight For Tickets.

LTA British Tennis Membership

If you have an LTA British Tennis Membership (but not a member of an LTA affiliated club) then you will be automatically entered into a ballot. Since it was rebranded from the unfashionable LTA Advantage Membership there are now significantly more members, so you are even less likely to be successful using this method than before.

LTA Affiliated Tennis Club

If you have an LTA British Tennis Membership and are a member of an LTA Affiliated Tennis Club then you can enter the ballot at your local club. Your chances of success here are significantly higher than entering the straight LTA British Tennis Membership ballot above.

Official Tour Packages

There are plenty of companies offering tour packages but there is only one official Wimbledon tour package provider, The Wimbledon Experience Tours Programme by Keith Prowse. We first went on one of their "Wimbledon Championship Tours" back in 1999 and it was superb so we would recommend them - and no we don't receive anything for recommending them.

Corporate Hospitality

There are only two officially appointed Wimbledon hospitality agents who can provide the ultimate Wimbledon experience for you and your guests, Keith Prowse and Sportsworld.


The serious money option. Wimbledon Centre Court Debenture at the last offering cost 23,150, while a No.1 Court Debenture would set you back 9,900. These figures represent the original prices for 5 year debentures, but as all debentures have now been snapped up you will have to contact Barclays Capital Limited or UBS Warburg who have a made a second-hand market for the sale of these debentures.

eBay Auction

You could try but you first need to be aware that only debenture tickets can be legally transfered from one owner to another.

On 3 July 2002 we were informed that the AELTC threatened eBay with legal action unless they hand over personal details of all eBay members selling non-debenture Wimbledon tickets on eBay. As a result, eBay obliged and the AELTC have been contacting the sellers of such tickets threatening them with legal action and cancelling their tickets ever since.

This is our understanding of the situation:

Every Wimbledon ticket sold in advance of the championships has an official registered owner. Upon obtaining tickets directly from the AELTC the original purchaser has entered into a contract with the AELTC which prohibits the original purchaser from re-selling his/her ticket(s). If you are the original purchaser and sell your non-debenture tickets on eBay, the AELTC will now be able to obtain your address and find out exactly which tickets were issued to you. They will then contact you threatening legal action and cancel your tickets. If you are not the original purchaser of the tickets then you will probably just be threatened with legal action, as the AELTC will not (initially) be able to link your address with the ticket numbers issued.

Beware! The tickets you purchase may have already been cancelled by AELTC. This may not cause you an initial problem upon entering the grounds as they do not scan tickets or if you are just watching the play on outside courts. However, if you were to try and sit in your showcourt (Centre, No.1, No.2) seat then you will probably find that someone else will also have the same seat number on their ticket. The reason being that your cancelled ticket will have been re-issued. If this is discovered you will be treated as a trespasser and ejected from Wimbledon immediately.

Fake tickets, stolen tickets, blatant scammers, and having to pay inflated prices are also potential problems with eBay.

Ticket Tout

Buying from a ticket tout could result in many of the same problems as mentioned in the eBay Auction section above.

Ticket touts operate in the area from Southfields underground station along Wimbledon Park Road/Church Road and to the gates of Wimbledon. Just walking down there you will hear a number of people offering to buy and sell tickets.

Resale Tickets (inside the grounds)

Once you are already inside the grounds of Wimbledon, whether on a Ground Pass or any showcourt ticket, you will have the opportunity to purchase re-sold showcourt tickets. These are tickets which the original owner no longer requires (perhaps he/she has gone home early or just has a spare ticket) and wishes to give someone else the opportunity of sitting on a showcourt.

Take your ticket to one of the Wimbledon Officials at any exit gate and ask him/her to scan your ticket for you in order for it to be re-sold. The great news is that (a) you get to keep your original ticket; (b) your ticket is re-printed and re-sold to someone who wants to experience a showcourt; and (c) all monies raised through the re-selling of tickets is donated to charity.

Re-sold tickets are always in demand and you will have to queue up for them. The ticket re-selling booth located at the top of Wimbledon Hill (aka Henman Hill, Rusedski Ridge, Mount Philippoussis, Mount Murray, Murrayfield, Robson Rise) at the north end of the grounds, and opens at 3pm. Be prepared for very long queues, but they can be worth the wait.

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