Wimbledon 2019 - Queuing Overnight For Tickets

Wimbledon This is the most comprehensive guide to queuing for Wimbledon tickets. It covers the order of events from joining the overnight queue to gaining entry into Wimbledon as verified by our team who queue every year.

Join the Queue

The queue starts inside Wimbledon Park. Access can be from either Wimbledon Park Road (if arriving from Southfields Underground Station) or along Melrose Avenue (more convenient for Wimbledon Park Underground Station). See our Wimbledon Street Map.

Upon entering the park, you will join a pre-queue from which small of campers will be walked down to join the back of the queue to start putting up their tent - this is to ensure the tents are kept as close together as possible.

At some point in the afternoon (random time chosen by the AELTC to keep you on your toes), numbered queue cards will be issued. Until this time, you cannot afford to leave the queue for long as you could miss out on receiving a queue card and be sent to the back of the queue. It is strictly one queue care per person, so ensure that all of your party are there to receive their queue cards.

Queue cards will be checked a number of times before entering the grounds and essential if you are in a high enough position to get a show court ticket, so don't lose them.

Set up your tent

Since 2013, only 2-person tents have been allowed and gazebos have been banned. See Useful Equipment section below for more information.

Food and Drink

There are plenty of options when it comes to buying food during the day and evening.

  1. Limited number of food vans selling burgers/pizza/etc. on Wimbledon Park.
  2. Cafe at back of Wimbledon Park near the public tennis courts.
  3. Numerous local Takeaways will hand out their leaflets while you are in the queue.
  4. Southfields, which is a short walk away, has a small array of shops, restaurants, takeaways and mini-supermarkets.
  5. Wimbledon Village is the furthest away but has everything you need including; restaurants, bars, supermarkets and shops.

No BBQs are allowed in the park or nearby areas, however you can still bring a picnic.

Toilets/Wash Room Facilities

There are two temporary toilet/wash room facilities in Wimbledon Park dedicated to campers. We recommend bringing your own toilet tissue for the first Sunday as it tends to run out - it's also handy if you need to dry the inside of your tent in the event of rain.


There are Stewards on both day and night shift to handle all problems. If anything gets out of hand the Police are nearby so don't worry. Should you require any assistance throughout the night just speak to one of the Stewards who patrol in small groups at regular intervals.

In the Morning

No real need to set an alarm clock in the morning as you will be promptly woken up at 5.00am by a Steward! Be warned that it is often cold at this time.

You now have about 1 hour in which to pack your belongings and take them to Left Luggage. This is where pop-up tents save you time.

Left Luggage Facilities

Only one small soft bag (40cm x 30cm x 30cm) per person is allowed inside the Grounds so check your camping equipment/excess luggage into the Left Luggage facility and return to your position in the queue.

The Left Luggage facility is to the north side of Wimbledon Park. It opens at 5.30am and closes one hour after the end of the days play. The cost to leave camping equipment or very large bags is 5 per item per day and 1 for each small item.

Please note: No hampers, cool boxes or hard sided bags of any size are allowed inside the grounds.

More Queuing

The Stewards will begin to move the queue up between 6.30 and 6.50am and as you bunch up youll realise that you're much closer to the front than you thought you were! You will also notice that many others have joined the queue throughout the night and into the early hours of the morning.

At 7.00am the queue moves into Wimbledon Golf Course and at 7.30am wrist bands are issued. It is very important to be in your queue position at this time if you are expecting a Show Court ticket. Now prepare for security checks and even more queueing until the Wimbledon Gates open at 9.15am.

Wrist Bands and Tickets

Depending on how far up the queue you are, you may have a choice of Show Court tickets (Centre, No.1, No.2) as there are only a limited number of these available - see Show Court Tickets Available below.

Make sure you know in advance who is scheduled on each court. The Steward will inform you of the available Show Court tickets and then issue you with an associated wrist band. This band is then your key to obtaining the Show Court ticket once you reach the turnstiles. Without a wristband of any kind you will only gain a Ground Pass admission at the turnstiles.

When buying your ticket only cash is accepted, no credit cards or cheques.

Show Court Tickets Available

Centre Court
- 500 tickets are available every day, for the first nine days, for people who queue.

No.1 Court
- 500 tickets are available every day for queuers.

No.2 Court
- 500 tickets are available every day for queuers whilst matches are scheduled on this court.

Ground Passes
Thousands of tickets are available every day at the gate. These allow access to all of the outside courts, including the unreserved seating on Court No.3.

The Weather

The Wimbledon Championships may be during the middle of summer in the UK, but that doesn't guarantee the weather will be great. More often than not, there is rain throughout the week and it can still get rather cold at night.

Useful Equipment

Battery pack: Keep all of your devices topped up!

Camping mattress/inflatable bed: Essential if you want to get any sleep as the ground can be very hard and cold.

Picnic blanket/tarpaulin: Ideal for sitting down together, especially if the ground is wet.

Chair: A fold up chair for those who prefer the extra comfort.

Torch/Lamp: For inside your tent when it gets dark and/or finding your way to and from your tent.

Radio: Tune into Wimbledon Radio 87.7 FM (8am onwards) to check the Order Of Play, latest news & results, weather reports, etc. While on court, the radio can also provide commentary on the match you're watching, providing you're on the court they're commentating on.

Waterproof Jacket: Essential, even if just a small packable one.

Umbrella: Not just for the rain, but can also be useful to shield you from the sun during the day.

Camera: Bring your best camera to get some great shots during your day(s) at Wimbledon.

Autograph Book: Many people take autograph books, while others buy a programme or oversized Slazenger tennis ball on the day and ask players/celebrities if they will sign it for them.

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