Rules Of Tennis - Rules Of Tennis (Brief)

A quicker set of rules to read... in keeping with the pace of todays society(!):

The "Game"

At the start of a Game your score is 0 (zero), this is called "love". The first point you win is called 15, the second point is called 30, and the third point is called, 40. However, if both you and your oponent win three points each ("40-all"), this is called "deuce", and you must then win 2 points in a row to win the Game. The first point after a "deuce" is called "advantage". If for example you (Mr John Brown) won that point the score would be "advantage Brown". If you win the next point you win the Game ("game Brown"), but if you lose the next point the score reverts back to "deuce" and you must try to win 2 points in a row again.

You must change ends every time the total number of Games played is uneven (1, 3, 5, 7, etc)

The "Set"

If you win 6 Games you win the Set, but only if you have won 2 or more Games more than your oponent. If you were winning a Set by 6 games to 5 (6-5), and then won the next Game you would win the Set (7-5). But, if your oponent won the next Game the score would be 6-6 and a Tiebreak must be played to decide the winner of the Set.

There is a difference between Mens and Ladies tennis in that Men usually play the best of five Sets, and Ladies play the best of three Sets.

The "Tie-Break"

If the score in games is 6-6 a Tie-Break must be played. The scoring is a more standard 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. The first player to serve in the Tie-Break is the player who served in the first Game of the Set. If this was you, then you will serve for only 1 point. After which you oponent then serves for 2 points, then you serve for 2 points, etc. Once 6 points have been played (not won but played) you must change ends. Yes, it means your oponent will be serving from one end of the court for his first point and the other end of the court for his second point. If you win 7 points you win the Set, but only if you have won 2 more points than your oponent. If the score in points is 6-6 you must change ends again and continue in the same pattern until one of you has a margin of 2 points.

Time Between Points

You have a maximum of 30 seconds before playing the next point, but upon changing ends you are granted an additional 60 seconds (90 seconds in total).

Ball On The Line

If the ball touches "any" part of the line (including the faintest outside edge) then it is in.

Enjoy your game!

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