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2005 Jun 11 - Becker sure on Murray

Legend Boris Becker hailed Andrew Murray as the future star of British tennis following his inspiring performances at the Queen's Club Stella Artois Championships this week.

"He is an exciting, fresh talent. He played well under pressure and was unlucky against [Thomas] Johansson.

"He seems to be the best young player Britain has. It is tempting to believe the hype but this is just the beginning for him - all the signs are good."

There is a saying in sporting circles "if you're good enough you're old enough", and that is certainly the case as far as the young Scot is concerned. He claimed the US Open boys singles title in 2004 and helped defeat Israel in a decisive Davis Cup tie for his country. Boris added:

"Nobody is talking now about the fact that he is too young.

"They have to start young, whether it's Wayne Rooney in football or whatever sport.

"You should be professional as early as possible and then travel the world and train with the best. The fact that Murray went to Spain when he was 14 is a very good sign.

"It shows that he is motivated and he is hungry and he wants to be a good tennis player.

"Once you are out of that court age does not matter.

"The beautiful thing about being 18 is that you are really innocent and you don't think about a whole lot of things.

"You just go out there and you play. It doesn't faze you.You don't listen when people say that you are too young or that you are not supposed to win it. "

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