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2004 Nov 20 - Henman looks to 2005

Tim Henman's year has been very successful year when you consider he finished as world No.6, qualified for the exclusive Tennis Masters Cup and also reached the semi-finals of two Grand Slams, Roland Garros and US Open.

If there is a negative then it has to be that Tim didn't actually win a title in 2004 - compared to 11 titles including 3 Grand Slams secured by the world No.1 Roger Federer.

Looking forward to 2005, Tim said:

"There's no doubt I can play better next year. That's pretty motivating, pretty exciting.

"I've made some big breakthroughs in the Grand Slams, and that's obviously been an important factor of why I've been able to improve my end-of-year ranking.

"But I still look back at the year and I see a lot of areas where I can do better. One of the aspects is the discipline on my serve. That has been a dictating factor throughout the year.

"When I've played well, I have been very disciplined in each and every point, the way I wanted to play it."

Tim surprised us all this year by reaching the semi-finals in two Grand Slams outside of Wimbledon, in particular at Roland Garros on clay. But, ultimately, the British No.1 may be remembered for his failure to secure a Wimbledon title.

Tim added:

"I'm sure if I don't win Wimbledon, then that's what will stick in a lot of people's minds.

"Do I think that's right, do I think that's fair? Probably not, but that's out of my control, so that's not really the way that I'm going to approach trying to improve my career."

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