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2004 Apr 27 - Wimbledon prize money up but unequal

The All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club (AELTC) have announced a Wimbledon Championships 2004 prize fund total of 9,707,280. The winner of the men's singles title will receive 602,500 while the winner of the women's will receive 560,500.

In 2003 men's winner Roger Federer received 575,000 and women's winner Serena Williams received 535,000. So based on these figures, in 2004, the male winner will receive a rise of 4.782% year-on-year while the winning female will receive a rise of 4.766% - less than the men.

Given that there is already a significant difference in allocation of funds for male and female competitors, the winning male will receive (in terms of real money) 2000 more than the winning female last year. Therefore, the pay gap between the sexes is getting wider at the Wimbledon Championships!

Tim Phillips (All England Club Chairman) said of the prize money allocation:

"We are trying to be fair to the men and women.

"The women's prize pot is more than 4m and the ladies' champion at the current exchange rate gets more than a million dollars."

Due to match scheduling issues as more top players enter the doubles an mixed-doubles events, the mixed-doubles would be reduced to 48 pairs from 64. Tim Phillips explains:

"We've often had a lady in three events on the second Wednesday or Thursday.

"By having a smaller mixed doubles draw it's going to help manage the schedule."

    Wimbledon Prize Money 2004 (2003 in brackets)

    Men's Singles : Winner 602,500 (575,000) : Runner-up: 301,250 (287,500)
    Ladies' Singles : Winner 560,500 (535,000) : Runner-up 280,250 (267,500)
    Men's Doubles : Winners 215,000 (210,000) : Runners-up: 107,500 (105,000)
    Ladies Doubles : Winners: 200,000 (194,250) : Runners-up: 100,000 (97,130)
    Mixed Doubles : Winners: 90,000 (88,500) : Runners-up 45,000 (44,250)

    Total Prize Money : 9,707,280 (9,373,990)

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