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2004 Mar 12 - Rusedski to sue ATP for damages?

According to respected lawyer Tony Morton-Hooper - who represented Diane Modahl in her drugs case - Greg Rusedski has a strong claim for damages against the ATP following a successful defence of the drug charges brought against him in an ATP tribunal.

Tony said:

"The ATP failed to make it clear to Rusedski that substances it was handing out were potentially contaminated.

"That seems to be a very serious breach of its duty of care.

"The tribunal's verdict is a very big encouragement to Rusedski.

"It is unequivocal in its criticism of the ATP which has made, on the evidence of this decision, the most catastrophic and inexcusable blunder."

At this time Greg seems to be holding all the cards but has yet to issue an official statement as to whether he will proceed to seek damages.

Czech player Bohdan Ulihrach was also accused of cheating by the ATP in 2003 and served a nine month ban before being acquitted when it was proven an ATP trainer had provided the nandrolone contaminated supplement. Bohdan threatened to sue the ATP but never followed through... apparently the ATP agreed an undisclosed financial settlement.

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