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2004 Mar 12 - Andre Agassi wants ATP apology

Andre Agassi is definitely a man who believes that you should only speak if you have something worth saying, and as such has called for the ATP to issue an apology to Greg Rusedski over the nandrolone debacle.

And as arguably the most senior and respected tennis player on the tour Andre has taken it upon himself to outline his concerns and those of his fellow professionals.

Living legend Andre Agassi said:

"Assuming there was cross-contamination there should definitely be an apology.

"We've got guys being scared to drink out of a Gatorade bottle.

"We have to get to the bottom if it. The thought of somebody's livelihood, career or legacy to be ripped to shreds for an accident is a terrible thought.

"From a competitor's standpoint, the players have to count on two things: how extensive our testing is, meaning are we really getting to the bottom of are people cheating, and is there going to be some sort of due process that's fair?

"All we can really do is count on our governing body to see if it is dealt with fairly."

The ATP seem to be slowly losing the respect of it's players; if it isn't drug charges where they provided the banned substances, then it's Lleyton Hewitt taking legal action against the ATP over a hefty fine being issued for not attending an interview before a match.

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