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2004 Mar 10 - Rusedski cleared surprises many

Greg Rusedski may have been given the all clear from his ATP hearing regarding his proving positive for banned substance nandrolone but many expected Greg to face a two year ban as Guillermo Canas received in 2002.

David Lloyd - former British Davis Cup captain - was absolutely delighted his good friend Greg had been proved innocent. It was David who sheltered Greg in Australia when news of the positive test was announced and the media circus kicked-off. An ecstatic David Lloyd said:

"It's great news for Greg and great news for tennis.

"He's been living in hell for the last nine months.

"It was his whole career on the line and he has been living with a time bomb.

"All he would like to do would be to get back, get fit and get playing tennis again."

David Felgate - Lawn Tennis Association Performance Director - was particularly relieved his British No.2 was given the all clear. He said:

"We are delighted for Greg on a personal level and glad that finally he has a verdict.

"We all look forward to Greg resuming his tennis career as soon as possible."

Chris Bailey - former British tennis pro and Davis Cup player - said of the verdict:

"In a straw poll on the tennis circuit I think 99% of people would have said Greg would have been found guilty and given a two-year ban.

"It's the first time a player has gone on the attack after a positive drugs test.

"I think Greg has been vindicated in his stance against the ATP. I think you have to feel sorry for him for what he's been through."

Andrew Castle - former British tennis pro - agreed the correct decision had been made but that the ATP need to take a good look at their procedures. He said:

"No-one ever believed he was guilty of knowingly taking a banned substance. So I am delighted for him and for his wife Lucy.

"They (the ATP) should be proud of the procedure that picked up Rusedski's case.

"But how can you exonerate someone with nandrolone in their system without explaining how it got there?

"This needs to be looked at.

"But tennis can be proud that it has a strong enough testing procedure and strong enough appeals process."

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