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2004 Feb 28 - Rusedski still awaiting ATP decision

Greg Rusedski could have to wait another couple of weeks before the outcome of his ATP hearing for the positive test of nandrolone is announced. We were previously expecting to hear the result by the 20th February.

This could be either good or bad news for the British No.2 who has clearly given the ATP plenty to think about. They will no doubt be analysing the possible effects of each decision and the impact it could have on the future of the ATP. On the one hand they will want to show authority and that they are doing all they can to rid the sport of drug cheats, and on the other, they themselves appear to be guilty of providing Greg with the banned substance nandrolone in the first place.

At this time there is no telling which way the decision will go. However, if the decision were to go against Greg he will be handed a two year, which will effectively bring an abrupt and premature end to his career.

Sharon Park (Greg's agent) said:

"We heard yesterday that it (the verdict) might be next week or even the week thereafter.

"But nothing is set in concrete, a verdict might come this weekend."

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