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2004 Feb 10 - Rusedski awaits tribunal decision

Greg Rusedski returned to the UK after his hearing in Montreal, Canada yesterday. With the prospect of a 2 year ban and his tennis playing career coming to an abrupt end Greg was in confident mood that he had done enough to clear his name.

As Greg and his wife Lucy departed from the airport the press were quick to try and snatch a few words regarding how he felt the hearing had gone. Greg said:

"I'm confident and we'll just have to wait and see.

"We're cautiously optimistic and are hoping for the best.

"I have no idea when I'm going to hear the verdict. It's anywhere between three to nine days, so all I can do is sit tight at the moment."

The main argument for Greg's defence is based on the supplements given to numerous tennis players by the ATP last year which were later found to contain nandrolone. All players tested who were given these supplements tested positive for the drug, and yet they were acquitted because the ATP knew they were at fault. According to Greg's defence team they can prove all samples are identical and therefore Greg should also be acquitted.

In an interview on Radio 4 Greg's former Davis Cup captain David Lloyd said:

"His whole career and future is on the line.

"It must be very worrying for him when he knows he has done nothing wrong.

"At his age, he certainly can't come back after two years and his reputation going forward as a commentator or anything else is going to be very difficult. So it really is a life sentence if he is found guilty."

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