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2004 Jan 12 - Rusedski "singled out" by ATP

Greg Rusedski claims that 46 of the top 120 tennis players in the world have also tested positive for the steroid nandrolone - due to them taking supplements provided to all the players by the ATP.

Tim Henman is shocked by the situation Greg now finds himself in but wisely refuses to get involved in the fine details of the case. He said:

"It was a huge surprise. I have seen him in London recently. I feel as shocked as everyone else but it's best to wait until February when everyone knows what's happened.

"It's strange that it's come out now when there hasn't been an appeal.

"I am not going to get greatly involved and it's an unfortunate situation but I really don't have a great deal more to say."

The Czech Republic player Bohdan Ulihrach is believed to be the key to proving Greg's innocence, as he was acquitted following an identical turn of events, and apparently Greg's sample displays an identical analytical fingerprint proving it was an ATP supplied substance.

In an interview with the BBC, Greg's lawyer Mark Gay said:

"The only explanation put forward by the ATP inquiry was that trainers themselves were administering them.

"As soon as we got the analytical report on Greg's sample we sent it off too and it has shown the same fingerprint.

"This makes the odds one billion to one of it coming from any other source.

“If it had been any other nandrolone there would be no case to defend. It is probably from the same source and the ATP should drop the case."

"I would like talk to some of those players (the 46 Greg claimed had tested positive) to see if there are any common themes but the ATP have refused to name names.

"We know ATP testing is concentrated on the top players. It is probably more likely to be top players than someone you've never heard of."

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