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2003 Dec 31 - Henman to receive OBE

Tim Henman's name is finally on the New Year's Honours List to receive an OBE due to his continuous achievement as No.1 tennis player in Great Britain. Of the award Tim commented:

"I will go to receive the honour with a massive amount of pride. I am extremely honoured."

This is of course an acknowledgement of Tim's ability, even though he has never won a Grand Slam tournament - the mark by which all the great players are measured. It must be safe to say that Tim would gladly trade his OBE for a Wimbledon title! But on current form who says he can't have both?

With Wimbledon firmly in mind, Tim said:

"I certainly feel, with my game, I'm better than the vast majority, certainly on grass.

"Add to the fact of playing at home, playing with the support I have. I certainly in my heart know that I will win.

"Wimbledon's the ultimate for me. Centre Court is my favourite court, and the support is fantastic, the best support I have throughout the year. I definitely thrive on those kinds of atmospheres.

"I've never really suffered from other people's expectations. My expectations have always been pretty high. I expect a lot from myself, and it's an attitude that's helped me.

"I'm not ashamed to admit my ambition is to be number one, and the grand slam events are the ones you are going to be judged on if you're going to be a great player."

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