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2003 Sep 30 - Paes speaks of Wimbledon "blackout"

Leander Paes has revealed that he first noticed the symptoms of a parasitic brain infection at the Wimbledon Championships in 2003. While playing a mixed doubles quarter-finals match with Martina Navratilova he blacked out.

Leander said:

"I actually came up to hit a smash and when I landed on the ground, something must have shaken inside my brain because I lost all sight. I lost all control of my balance and I was falling down.

"I caught Martina and I tried to hold her for stability. That was the first time that had occurred."

This didn't stop the pair winning the Wimbledon mixed doubles title. And it was a month after the tournament in August that Leander was admitted to hospital where he has been recouperating ever since. Initially Leander wasn't expected back in action before the end of the year, but the Indian tennis star is keen to get back out on the court.

Leander added:

"I am feeling better and hope to come back to the court within two to three weeks."

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