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2004 Jan 09 - Cowan's firm anti-drug stance

Former British tennis star Barry Cowan has spoken out about drugs and drug testing within tennis, and believes the ATP should be doing more to keep the sport clean.

He said:

"If you are able to train and play over a sustained period, for six hours a day for six weeks, you're going to improve.

"Your concentration will also sharpen which is important when you play six matches in a week.

"These advantages are obviously going to help improve your ranking, so in tennis we have to take a hard stance on it."

And of the future stars of tennis:

"I think we should target young players coming up onto the world stage.

"For instance it should be mandatory for junior players at all Grand Slams to be tested."

And on his own experiences:

"It is the player's responsibility. You are given a long list and educated on the dangers of taking things so it is down to the player to be ultra-careful.

"When I was playing I was so careful. I was selected for the Olympics in 2000 and before I went I was given a great long list of substances and in the end I did not take anything, even for a cold."

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