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2004 Jan 09 - Rusedski defence based on Ulihrach

Greg Rusedski has been quick to protest his innocence and outline his case for defence against the ATP regarding his positive nandralone test in Indianapolis last year.

Greg believes the banning and subsequent re-instating of fellow tennis pro Bohdan Ulihrach of the Czech Republic in what appears to be identical circumstances should be applied to him if the ATP is to be consistent in their actions.

The reason Bohdan was re-instated followed an appeal in which he proved the ATP trainers were guilty of supplying mineral supplements containing traces of nandralone. And not only that, but Greg believes both samples share the identical "fingerprint" and so his sample must have originated courtesy of an ATP provided supplement.

And his case has been strengthened further still by David Howman of the World Anti-Doping Agency who said:

"We remain concerned and disturbed.

"We were concerned about it to the degree that we offered to undertake an inquiry into the report they obtained independently and we have been engaged by the ATP to do that.

"Unfortunately all the documentation was not delivered to us until the end of last year and we are now hoping we can conclude it in the next few weeks.

"They didn't need to engage us and they have, so from that point of view we are encouraged.

"What we are concerned about is if what Mr Rusedski says is correct and the same fingerprint is that which was exhibited before, then perhaps the conclusion that the electrolytes provided by the ATP trainers to the previous responsible people is wrong, and there is something else going on out there.

"That is of great concern to us."

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