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2004 Jan 08 - Rusdski positive for nandrolone

Greg Rusedski has admitted testing positive for the banned performance enhancing drug nandrolone, although insists he is innocent. As a result, the British No.2 will have to attend an ATP hearing in Montreal, Canada on the 9th February. If he is found to be guilty a 2 year ban will be imposed, which will virtually end the career of the now 30 year old Brit.

In Greg's official statement he said:

"In response to media inquiries I confirm that I have been advised by the ATP anti-doping administrator that a sample I provided tested positive for a low concentration of nandrolone metabolites.

"I wish to make it clear that I do not and never have taken performance enhancing drugs.

"This is a very complex situation which once understood will clearly demonstrate my total innocence. There is a hearing to be held in Montreal on February 9 which I shall attend. I fully expect to be found innocent."

The drug test from which these results are based are from July 2003 at the RCA Championships in Indianapolis, USA.

Obviously this is not a good time for Greg to have these charges hanging over his head - he has only just returned to the game having suffered 3 months out of action due to a back injury.

However, the good news is that the Association of Tennis Professionals have said that Greg is still eligible to play in the forthcoming adidas International in Sydney, and the Australian Open in Melbourne. Both of these tournaments fall before his 9th February hearing.

All the best Greg - we are 100% behind you!

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