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2003 Dec 11 - Bogdanovic warned by LTA

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) have become concerned over the progress of Alex Bogdanovic which could result in dropping the British prospect from training with the national squad. This would also put an end to the 80,000 per year LTA funding, coaching by Martin Bohn and free use of the tennis facilities at Queen's Club.

David Felgate (LTA Performance Director) said last month:

"It was made crystal clear to Alex what he needed to do.

"If he wanted to join the party we would help him, but if he didn't then he would have to go off on his own.

"What he couldn't do was sit in the middle and not do a full day's work."

Martin Bohm is the Swedish coach employed by the LTA who has been working with Alex. He was concerned with Alex's training in his first month coaching the Brit but it seems things have been improving. He said:

"In the last month he has been truly excellent"

Alex has been given the harsh reality of the situation by LTA and it seems he has responded well. Of the situation, Alex said:

"I'm much more focused now and I know what my goals are for next year.

"You can have days when its windy and you don't feel like playing but those are the most important days.

"When you're tired and when its windy, if you put in 100% and work hard, that's where you can grow and get stronger."

The target for Alex is to break into the world top 100 which although not impossible would involve serious application and dedication if he is to impress the LTA. David Felgate has since added:

"Things have changed for Bogdanovic, but we're a month in.

"It's not just about a month, it's about six months, a year, constantly doing it".

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