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2003 Dec 07 - Henman Wimbledon Champion?

It has to be said that on current form Tim Henman must be a serious contender for major honours at Wimbledon over the next couple of years. And that is certainly the view taken by Tim's new part-time coach Paul Annacone.

Paul said:

"I absolutely think Tim can win Wimbledon, I've thought so for many years.

"If you can volley, move and play on grass like Tim does there is no reason why he can't win Wimbledon.

"I think he will win whether it is this year, next year or the year after. But if he doesn't, as long as he has done all the right things leading in, preparing, to me that is a win-win situation.

"If he keeps working towards it in a certain way then I believe he can give himself the best chance to hold that trophy up.

"I think I can help Tim with that and I know him pretty well as a person so I think it's a pretty good match.

"I've seen success for a long time. I'm a student of the game and have tried to soak up as much information as I can.

"A great player like Pete (Sampras) does so many things so well. There are lots of little things that I have stored away to try and improve Tim's game."

Wise words from a coach who is very capable and highly respected.

As that our favourite player of all time is the mighty Pete Sampras - the guv'nor of Wimbledon - it would be great to see a few Sampras elements brought into the Henman game.

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