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2003 Jul 16 - LTA employ Swede Martin Bohm

First it's Sven Goran Eriksson in charge of the England football team, and now it's another Swede in the shape of Martin Bohm who is set to coach our best British tennis prospects.

Of the appointment, LTA Performance Director David Felgate said:

"Martin has worked with Magnus Norman, Thomas Enqvist, Thomas Johansson, all of the top guys. He is a top coach working with the Swedish Tennis Federation for many years.

"Martin is now coming to Britain to work with two of our players, Alex Bogdanovic and Martin Lee.

"The model for him working with these guys is no different from when I was working with Tim Henman at a young age. Players cannot do it on their own, they need help."

Whether this means that Alex Bogdanovic will finally have a full-time coach is anyone's guess. But let's face facts, although Alex is arguably our best prospect at this moment in time, it is highly unlikely that he will ever become a top 50 player in the world let alone Wimbledon Champion. The same could be said for Martin Lee, who at now 25 years of age, has surely missed the boat. Call me a pessimist, but isn't the employment of such a talented coach in Martin Bohm being absolutely wasted on Bogdanovic and Lee?

David Felgate has another card up his sleeve for the younger generation of tennis players. Yes, it's the old John McEnroe chestnut:

"If John can come in and work with some of the players then that would be great. There is no question he would be inspirational. We hope he can come on board."

On British tennis in general, Felgate said:

"I just want players to do well, to be making it. I want to come to Wimbledon in three years time and see a lot more British players in the draw.

"I believe we need to be hungrier. I could not care less if a player comes out of the LTA system or out of a private system. This isn't about me, it is about the players and we are trying to empower the coaches."

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