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2003 April 30 - Wimbledon unequal prize money

The AELTC still refuse to award equal prize money to men and women at the Wimbledon Championships, much to the displeasure of WTA Chief Exec Larry Scott. He said:

"I remain convinced that the quality and depth of play demonstrated by women's professional tennis players, combined with the global popularity and media interest in our players, merits equal prize money at the Grand Slams.

"I reject the notion that an unequal compensation system that distinguishes between men and women at the Grand Slams is fair."

The AELTC increased the both the men's and women's singles champions purse by 9.5% for 2003, meaning that the gap between the two sexes will widen by 1000 this year over last year. The winning man will take home 575,000 this year, where the winning woman will take home 535,000.

Tim Phillips, the AELTC chairman, refutes the suggestion that parity is deserved between the sexes. He commented:

"The situation is that the women play much shorter matches while the men feel they cannot succeed in both singles and doubles.

"Serena Williams earned 11% more than Lleyton Hewitt last year. She played 27 sets and Lleyton played 23 sets. She made more appearances, which lasted less time, and collected more money."

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