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2003 April 26 - Felgate changes Wimbledon wildcards

David Felgate - LTA Performance Director - has made his first major decision, to make UK players earn the right to a Wimbledon wildcard entry.

An eight man qualifying competition will result in two winners who will be given wildcards. While four further wildcards will be award on a discretionary basis based on British players in the world's top 350.

Previously, the likes of Arvind Parmar, Barry Cowan, and Jamie Delgado have automatically been handed a wildcard, but now they will have to work harder to prove they are deserving of such a prize.

David said:

"The LTA get criticised for just giving the wildcards away, but we want to get away from that. I think this sends a hard message to players who might be expecting them.

"Alex Bogdanovic, for example, played in the Davis Cup but his ranking was in the 500s and still is. He has to improve that quickly to get one of the four wildcards or he is in the play-off".

For the women the format is identical to the men, except there will be only one qualifying place available in the play-off.

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